Look for these common warning signs if you think you or your loved one may be struggling with drug addiction.
  • Short Temper
  • Detached / Unsociable
  • Change of Physical Appearance
  • Inappropriate Sexual Behavior
  • Lying or Covering Up
  • Constant Partying
  • Unreliable, Absent or Late
  • Change in Sleep Habits

Drug addiction knows no race, age, creed or sexual identity.  Drug addiction is when the progressive use of drugs develops into compulsive use with no regard to the harmful consequences.

Addiction can change the chemicals in your brain which affect your mood and behavior.  Once the chemistry in your brain get used to the drug presence, it will become harder to quit due to the withdrawal symptoms that are generated when the drug use is decreased or stopped. Statistics show that most cases of hepatitis C and approximately 1/3 of all AIDS cases are due to injected drug use.  50% of those arrested for theft, assault and homicide were under the influence of drugs.

Anyone can struggle once they have crossed the line from abuse to addiction, and most will need help to stop. Treatment can be anything from 12-step meetings, therapy, intensive out-patient treatment to residential treatment.

Why would anyone want to use drugs if they know that it could lead to self destruction?  Some start by experimenting, some have friends that use drugs, and others just want to escape.  The more often you use drugs, the more drugs it will take to get you to feel that same sense of euphoria - this is called tolerance.  Once you are addicted, you will experience withdrawal symptoms if you attempt to quit using drugs.  Withdrawal symptoms may be anything from the inability to sleep to severe muscle cramping and vomiting.